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HP envy windows

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Vista or XP
  • Connect the HP printer to the network using wi-fi or USB and then connect it to your windows.
  • Windows operating system has a built in printer driver which enables the functioning of HP Printer in Windows.

Follow the steps given below to connect the HP printer to your Windows.

Step 1

Connecting the printer to the network:

  • Go to setup
  • Choose between Network and Wireless
  • Tap on Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Choose your wireless network name(SSID)
  • Enter the Password (WEP/WPA).
  • Your printer will get connected to the network.
  • No printer driver installation is required for Windows as it gets installed automatically while updating Windows software.
Step 2

Software update

  • Go to Windows search tool and click Start.
  • Type change device installation in the search menu bar. This opens the Device installation window.
  • Select ‘update automatically’ and save changes
Step 3

Printer driver installation

  • Go to start
  • In search menu bar type Add printer to open a new window
  • Key in the type of printer that needs installation.
  • If it is network connection, select the option Add a network wireless orBluetooth printer .Click on use an existing port followed by ‘Next’.
  • But if it is USB connection, select Add a local printer
  • Select your printer name followed by ‘Next’.
  • ‘Install the printer driver’ window opens.
  • Click on windows update.
  • Select HP from the list of printer manufacturers displayed.